Friday, June 20, 2014

Practical & Precious : Gifts for New Mom & Baby

Well here we are, 9 weeks into our first little bundle and loving every minute!  It is unbelievable how fast 9 weeks has gone by!  While being at home with the little moonbeam is so much fun, getting out of the house to run even a tiny errand can be a huge challenge.  I am so thankful to have a husband and family that is a huge help when it comes to the necessities we need-running out to get baby motrin, paper plates, whatever little things may have slipped our mind to buy before baby came.  But of course we love when visitors bring us fun little baby gifts too!  
What about you?  Are a practical gift giver or do you pick out gifts based on their preciousness?  Below are some ideas for gifts for new mom and baby.  Oh, and the practical ones are really pretty precious as well...
One thing a new mom can never have enough of is cute loungewear.  When the probability of you changing out of your nightgown is about 0.5%, it helps when it's at least a cute one.  This caftan  is both stylish and practical, easy to wear when nursing baby!

Another thing I wish I had was some baby stationary.  While I'm totally stocked on your basic "thank you" notes, it would be nice to have a personalized option as well.  And how cute are these mommy play date appointment cards? (Woodland stationary, Robot stationary)

For a mommy who loves luxury, try this Caldrea Laundry Set in Sweet Pea.  It's all natural and smells clean and heavenly.

How adorable are these Babylegs leg warmers?  They come in a variety of patterns for your precious little one.

Little girl?  Try this sweet Maileg bunny and the pea play set.  Any little princess would be lucky to have this charming toy!

Little boy?  How cute is this medieval finger puppet set complete with teeny dragon?  We love toys that are just as fun to display as they are to play with!

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