Thursday, February 28, 2013

Studio Swag

Ok people, I'm back!  It's been a looooooooooooong time since I've completed a series of works (nursery art, not-withstanding).  I'm not totally finished yet, but here's a little sneak peek....

Even though its been a while since I've made a finished piece, I've continued to keep a sketchbook.  I think a sketchbook is really important!  It lets me experiment without being committal.
As you can see, I like to mix media...watercolor, acrylic, pen, pencil.  You name it, it's getting some action in the sketchbook...

Decoupage angels with cornicopia's of flowers?  Duh.
Crayons?  Yes, please.  Picture of an old dude?  Sure, I'll use it.
 Stayed tuned for new work on Over The Moon!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obsessed: Blue & White

What can I say, a blue & white colorway is my jam. It's the 3 C's here people-classic, casual, chic. Reminds me of the Greek Isles....
This wallpaper is so fantastic and fun!  I love the blue on blue of the vanity as well.  Add that gorgeous sink and a wall faucet....yes, please!
 I'm obsessing over these amazing blue & white interiors.  More amazing wallpaper (chinoiserie style, my fav) mixed with the polka dot curtains in this room, and the whimsical tassel chandelier is TDF.
House Beautiful

Mix in a little neutral, like a chocolate or camel leather, and HELLO!
Lauren Ranes
I just love the casual elegance of this room. I could curl up in that nook!  I am really enjoying the great window dressing here. If you haven't look at Nightingale Design, you should check out the link below....
Nightingale Design

Here's to hoping that these blue & white interiors add a little SPRING to your day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gold & Mint

After writing last week about my Gold & Gray obsession and realizing that I'm really just obsessed with gold and any other color, I've decided that I will just do a regular post of Gold & __________.  So this week's gold post will be Gold & Mint!
Gold is so great in anything-interiors, fashion...heck, even food.  And I'm loving the promise of Spring that the color mint brings....come on, Spring!  It's soft and feminine, with just the right touch of retro.    

 I am particularly loving that art deco cake!  Makes me want to re-wind and plan my wedding all over!  Well, almost makes me want to do that....

And I'm dying for a pair of cap-toed heels.  These have a soft, brushed gold toe.  And that mint and gold watch is killer....and a steal at only $23!

On a side note, did you know that I write a post 5 days a week: M-F?  I don't always share the posts on Facebook because I don't want to be too annoying.  But if you are enjoying the blog, make sure to check it daily or subscribe to my RSS feed, by email, or by Bloglovin!  If you read a lot of blogs and don't do Bloglovin, you should check it out! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Do You Know...

Do you know Lulie Wallace?  Her paintings are the bomb (yes, I did grow up in the 90's).
They are colorful, fun and full of texture!  I love the way they are loose, but still specific.
The way she uses color really is ingenious.  That ochre outline, bright pops of color and mix of patterns are TDF.
I love the muted tones in this piece.  The yellow and the lilac and all that nude...gorgeous.  I need this in my guest room.
The composition of these paintings is incredible too.  Not too planned or self-concious, just quirky enough to grab your attention.
Loving that honeycomb texture with that tiny bright red bloom.

Lulie does custom work too. Check out this bouqet she painted from a picture. What a special way to commemorate an occasion!

I also just realized that she is designing wall murals for Urban Outfitters.  How fun is that?
All of these images came from  Go check her out!



Friday, February 22, 2013

Obsessed: Madewell

Thanks to the mister, I received this AMAZE-TASTIC bag from for Valentine's Day. (Please excuse the poor picture quality, I'm working on a new camera...)
Are you jealous yet?  I mean, a monogram and a leather pom-pom...I'm almost jealous of myself...
I always get nervous making an online purchase over $100 $20, so I was really excited about how lovely it is in person!  The leather's a great quality, the stitching looks good, the inside is well-organized,and it's just the right size.
Madewell has a ton of other great items too.  Everything's a kind of tailored-chic and well, made well.
All items from
Polka dots AND anchors? Yes, please.
And because it's Friday, I thought I'd include links to some great tumblrs, etc.
I love to get lost in these while relaxing over the weekend!
Romance here, Ralph Lauren goes California chic here, Dramatic Spanish interiors here

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Domestic Goddess

In what I know is a futile attempt to reach my 3-5 servings of veggies a day, I have caved to the trend of green smoothies.  I was reluctant at first, mostly because they're so trendy I think, but after seeing 1-million pinterest pins on how they actually taste good, I broke down.
They're actually delicious.........................
I make one for each of us every morning, and if the mister will drink it, it must not be that bad.  I went ahead and deemed this one the World's Best, because well, why not?!
2 C. Spinach
2 C. Mixed fruits*
1/2 C. Skim milk
4 T Non-fat yogurt (I use vanilla for some added flavor)
1/2 C. Crushed Ice
*I use 1 banana unfrozen, and the following frozen: 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, and 4-6 straweberries, all chopped, to create a good consistency that won't make the blender mad.  If your blender does get mad, add a little more milk.
1. Start by going to Aldi, or anywhere else where you can get an abundance of fruit for a good price.
2. Chop it up and store it in small containers in the freezer.
3. Throw the frozen fruit and other ingredients in a blender or if you're really fancy, like me, a smoothie blender (thanks, mom).
5. Plop a delightful straw into your glass, like the ones in the pic by Meri Meri, and serve with an adorable cocktail napkin, unlike the ones pictured that I found in the back of my buffet drawer, like these, these, these or these.
4. Enjoy thoroughly this delicious, all fresh, treat.
By my "official" estimation, each of these bad boys has 1 serving veggies, and 1 serving fruit.  Not too shabby....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Studio Swag

It's official!  Over the Moon is now up and running on Etsy.
Right now, it's still VERY small, only a few items, and it's focused on nursery artwork only at this point.  But what we have up certainly is adorable!
Aren't you so tired of nursery art that looks like it's for an adult?  I like more a sweet, vintage look myself, which is primarily what we're going for here!  Think Beatrix Potter...
 And for those of you that just can't get enough of a monogram...there's an option for you too!
This is just a small group of prints, but there is MUCH, MUCH, MORE to come!  Stay tuned...!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gold & Gray

 Ok, guys, here it dream living room.  After looking at all those rooms featured on yesterday's post, I just HAD to create my own room! I actually have this same chandelier, so I guess I'm part of the way there....ha...
It's my dream to have acrylic curtain rods with brass rings.  I came across a way to make a less expensive version here.  Maybe one day...
And can you believe that sofa is from the Home Depot?  And it's only $749?!?!  I love it.  It's the perfect mix of clean modern lines with a warm, sexy vibe.  I think pairing it with a more traditional set of slip-covered chairs is definitely the way to go!!!

How about that metallic zebra hide rug, ya'll?

1/  23 / sofa45  / 6 / 7  / 8  / 9
Background Color: Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter

Monday, February 18, 2013


Over the weekend I was definitely day-dreaming of re-decorating. I have been in total love with a gray wall and lots of gold finishes and accessories. Of course, I tend to lean a bit on the opulent side...I mean, I love a gilded mirror, but a gray/gold combo can also have a modern edge. 
I love these gray-washed wood walls, but that light fixture is what really takes this room to the next level! I also love that sleek round table.
Aren't these rooms dreamy? I would die for a gold molding like the ones in either of these!  Did you notice that ceramic face-garden stool in the first image? I also love those two-toned metallic chairs in the second pic. And girl, you know I love a ginger jar.

This vignette is really more my style. It's that plum tufted velvet ottoman that really sets this scene. Gorge. And that black and white abstract painting compliments the gray and gold beautifully.  And I'll take those cool obelisiks too...been looking for some like that...

I love, love, LOVE this room.  Check out that molding.  And the way the giant geometric carpet echoes the ceiling is genius.  The gold accessories here really pop.

This is such a perfect shade of gray.  And that brass lamp shade?  Come on....!
Do you love this gray and golf combo as much as I do?
 1 here / 2 here / 3 here / 4 here  / 5&6 here


Friday, February 15, 2013

Do you know...

Do you know Meg Aubrey?  Her amazing paintings center around contemporary suburbia and the modern-day housewife. 

 I love how only key elements are painted.  It's like these two are literally in their own world.
 This is one of my favs.  Love how these ladies just look like they have nothing better to do than hang out on the tennis court, starbucks in hand, gossiping about someone's daughter.  And that stark background is killer. 
 These bad boys try to break down the facade of wealth, happiness, and 2.5 kids to expose the isolation, competition, and disillusion of the "good life". 
Aren't they gorge?  So sad and barren, but so beautifully painted.  Love the colors in this one.

More of Meg's amazing work can be found here.

Next week we will be taking a sneak peek into my own sketchbook and work to come soon.............!!  Happy weekend!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Notes

Valentine's Day is here!  I must confess, my favorite part of this holiday is the cards.  Personally, I really delight in a good ol' fashioned homemade valentine, but recently I have found such an array of amazing cards that I can't help myself!  Even though my guy is a prepster, he still has an affinity for the quirky.  Whatever your style, vintage, quirky or cute, here are some cards that will light up your love's eyes!
All of these adorable letterpress designs are from Luxe Paperie!
 I love the idea of filling one of those cards with a sincere and kind love note.  I never understood Hallmark cards...they take all of the fun out of writing your own little bit of poetry! Have you seen MadeByGirl's amazing Love Letter Mag- Cartas de Amor?  It's full of beautiful, personal love notes from some of our favorite bloggers.  And of course, tons of gorgeous photography, recipes, and gift ideas.

 And in case you can't get enough, here are yet more fantastic cards!

1,2 & 3-CatBird  | 4-PupandPony | 5- MeriMeri

Valentine's for a Prepster

I can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day!  I love this holiday because I can celebrate all the wonderful people I love that surround me.  I am so fortunate to have an amazing family and friends.
While I think that Valentine's is a time to celebrate anyone in your life that you love, I do try to get a little something special for my mister, to show him how much I appreciate all his wonderfulness.  If your mister is anything like mine, he's a bit of a prepster....
Doesn't that whale tie clip just make your day?  So awesome.
And the hat and belt are by a Birmingham-based brand, State Traditions, that makes really great stuff for ANY state you live in!  AND they make them in university colors, so you can have a more classy way to express your Roll Tide....

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!  We had such a delightful time watching the parades this weekend.  New Orleans is one of those amazing cities where you can relish in tradition, but there is also always something new to enjoy!  Here are a few of the new spots we went while visiting (and don't worry, we still hit up the good ole boys like the Carousel Bar at the Montelone and Pat O's!)...

 After watching the Friday night parades, we stopped into Capdeville, a charming hole in the wall off of Camp Street, near Gallier Hall.  It was dimly lit with exposed brick and fun wallpaper and food was delish.  Nothing like a hearty burger or fried red beans and rice to re-charge you after a long night of parade-watching!
A friend we were with brought us these yummy macaroons from Sucre.  We did not make it to the actual store, but they have so many goodies online!  Any of their sweet treats would be a perfect Mardi Gras (or anytime, really) gift.  By the way, do you know what the Mardi Gras colors stand for?
Purple-Justice        Green-Faith         Gold-Power

Another restaraunt we tried was Manning's, and yes, of the Archie/Olivia/Peyton/Eli/Cooper variety.  It's basically a nice sports bar with TVs on the wall, a section of recliners, and OK food.  It wasn't nearly low-key or trendy as Capdeville, but come on?  We had to check it out!  There were tons of Manning family photos on the walls, and I absolutely fell in love with the ceiling of our dining room!  Those oatmeals walls with that warm tobacco ceiling was gorge.  Wondering if I could DIY that ceiling in our den...!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Out on the Town

This weekend I will be out on the town in New Orleans for Mardi Gras! 

The hubs is from that area, and my father-in-law will be riding in the Endymion Parade, which means we will get to go to the ball!  Glitz and glam, and perhaps...a mask?  I am so inspired by these Valentino beauties that walked the runway in 2009.   

These bad boys were designed by celebrity miliner Philip Treacy.  Gaga is always sporting his looks, and he also designed Madonna's superbowl headwear from 2012.  He also designed pieces for Sara Jessica Parker in S&TC.  But you may recall some of his famous creations that attended the Royal Wedding, especially that one of Beatrice's....

more of Treacy's designs....
But Philip Treacy's other creations are beyond extraordinary, and definitely Mardi Gras worthy!  Wishing I had one of these fabulous fascinators!  
 Warhol Brillo Boxes anyone?  Small Circus on your head?

 ...seriously, what is this?  I don't care, I love it!


I'm Over the Moon for these fascinators, ya'll!  Happy Mardi Gras!