Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Envelope Addressing

Hello!  Did you all have a relaxing Memorial Day?  Our trip to the farm was amazing!  We had so much fun, and soon we are heading off to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival.  So, today is devoted to getting a few things done around here...mostly laundry and vacuuming, but also addressing invitations for my 10 year reunion this summer!

I am certainly not a calligrapher, but I do feel like a hand-addressed invitation is prettier, regardless of your handwriting style.  The easiest way to make your invitations look uniform is to use a lined envelope insert.  It's too easy!

First, you will need an extra invitation, or a piece of cardstock that is cut to the invitation size.  Then, use a ruler to create 3 or 4 lines (depending on how you will address your envelopes).  The first line should be about 1/3 the way down the invitation, and the lines should be between 1/2"-3/4" apart (depending on your handwriting size).

Next, simply insert your liner, and viola!  An easy way to ensure clean, straight addressing.  It makes any handwriting look more professional!

An easy way to add style is to alternate between a swirled or cursive font and a simple, all-caps font.  I also like to fully spell the state and then space out the zip code across the bottom.

And if you're interested in checking out the invitation, click here!

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