Friday, May 24, 2013

Fabulous Friday 5.24.13

It's finally Friday, and it's fabulous for some great reasons!  But first, some news...
Over the Moon (baby, gifts, and darling what-nots) is taking off, and this summer I plan to devote most of my time to product development.  Due to this exciting new endeavor, I have decided to cut back my blog posts to 2-3 a week.  I know that all 12 of you that read it daily will be very saddened by this news....  but it will allow me more time during our crucial ground-building period and also allow me to enhance the quality of posts.  But enough about's Friday!  And here's why it's fabulous:
1. Closet clean-out.  I love starting the summer with a clean, organized closet!
2. Attending a beautiful wedding and reception at Park Lane.  The hubs looking super dapper and his hair really stealing my thunder.
3. Getting packed for a fun Memorial Day weekend at an amazing farmhouse that also happens to have a lake!  I'm a lucky girl!

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