Friday, June 21, 2013

Reunion Weekend

Not only will I be attending my own 10 year reunion this summer (by the way, have you seen the invitations I designed?), but I also get the pleasure of attending my husband's reunion this summer as well.  I have to admit...I might even be a little more excited to attend my husbands, since he was way cooler than I was in high school!

But have you noticed how the one-night reunion has become a weekend's worth of events? I'm all in for a party weekend, but this means extra wardrobe planning!  And when you haven't seen these people in 10 years, or if you're a spouse meeting them for the first time, then let's face it...the garb must be grand!

Here's a few ideas I have in mind about the weekend: Friday should be a casual, chic, and effortless look with little fuss while the daytime picnic-wear on Saturday should be bold and fun.  Save the ruffles, sparkles, and studs for main event Saturday night!

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