Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Illustrated Maps

I'm sure you've seen these great little custom illustrated maps around....
via Robyn Love

The calligraphy and the watercolor is perfect to commemorate a wedding and all of its events.
via Wilmington Weddings Blog
Printing your custom map on a napkin is another great idea!

And I have to say that it makes a pretty perfect save the date, too.

But I think you could use this great idea to commemorate some other events as well.  For example, we made one with all of our hole sponsors on it for our golf tournament.  We framed them, and gave them to our steering committee as thank you gifts.

It could also be a great idea for an anniversary (special date places, or places you've lived), graduation (all the schools attended) or even a reunion (all the hot hangouts in the area).  It's such a cute and sweet way to commemorate different life-events!

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