Thursday, May 16, 2013

SUPER easy DIY Lucite Tray for $5

When I came across this post on making a "Lucite" tray, I was beyond excited to try it out! I've been wanting a little tray to style my vanity perfumes, but the real lucite trays are a bit pricey.  This acrylic version is definitely not at nice as a real lucite version, but for $5, it's definitely an upgrade!

It's so's just an acrylic frame from Michael's!  I got the 9x12 size, but they carry smaller and larger sizes.  The 9x12 was originally $5.99, but you can find a 40% off coupon on their website, making mine only $3.60!  I also found a piece of textured scrapbook paper on sale for $1 (many are even less) and viola!
Now, I also cheated a little....I had my scrapbook paper laminated for some extra strength and to make it easier to clean.  This was a free service for me, but would not be expensive if you had it done at kinkos.

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