Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obsessed: Blue & White

What can I say, a blue & white colorway is my jam. It's the 3 C's here people-classic, casual, chic. Reminds me of the Greek Isles....
This wallpaper is so fantastic and fun!  I love the blue on blue of the vanity as well.  Add that gorgeous sink and a wall faucet....yes, please!
 I'm obsessing over these amazing blue & white interiors.  More amazing wallpaper (chinoiserie style, my fav) mixed with the polka dot curtains in this room, and the whimsical tassel chandelier is TDF.
House Beautiful

Mix in a little neutral, like a chocolate or camel leather, and HELLO!
Lauren Ranes
I just love the casual elegance of this room. I could curl up in that nook!  I am really enjoying the great window dressing here. If you haven't look at Nightingale Design, you should check out the link below....
Nightingale Design

Here's to hoping that these blue & white interiors add a little SPRING to your day!

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  1. That fish wallpaper is really awesome. So wish we were headed back to the Greek Isles this summer!



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