Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Notes

Valentine's Day is here!  I must confess, my favorite part of this holiday is the cards.  Personally, I really delight in a good ol' fashioned homemade valentine, but recently I have found such an array of amazing cards that I can't help myself!  Even though my guy is a prepster, he still has an affinity for the quirky.  Whatever your style, vintage, quirky or cute, here are some cards that will light up your love's eyes!
All of these adorable letterpress designs are from Luxe Paperie!
 I love the idea of filling one of those cards with a sincere and kind love note.  I never understood Hallmark cards...they take all of the fun out of writing your own little bit of poetry! Have you seen MadeByGirl's amazing Love Letter Mag- Cartas de Amor?  It's full of beautiful, personal love notes from some of our favorite bloggers.  And of course, tons of gorgeous photography, recipes, and gift ideas.

 And in case you can't get enough, here are yet more fantastic cards!

1,2 & 3-CatBird  | 4-PupandPony | 5- MeriMeri

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