Friday, February 15, 2013

Do you know...

Do you know Meg Aubrey?  Her amazing paintings center around contemporary suburbia and the modern-day housewife. 

 I love how only key elements are painted.  It's like these two are literally in their own world.
 This is one of my favs.  Love how these ladies just look like they have nothing better to do than hang out on the tennis court, starbucks in hand, gossiping about someone's daughter.  And that stark background is killer. 
 These bad boys try to break down the facade of wealth, happiness, and 2.5 kids to expose the isolation, competition, and disillusion of the "good life". 
Aren't they gorge?  So sad and barren, but so beautifully painted.  Love the colors in this one.

More of Meg's amazing work can be found here.

Next week we will be taking a sneak peek into my own sketchbook and work to come soon.............!!  Happy weekend!


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