Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Cheer and Chalkboard Pennant Garland

How has Thanksgiving already come and gone??!!  The past few weeks have been a total whirlwind with many exciting developments:

1. Over the Moon was a hit at Market Noel!

2. We had our big ultrasound appointment and the little one looks all good!  AND...we found out what we are having!  Although, we are keeping that a secret for now....!

3. The in-laws helped us begin setting up the nursery by adding crown molding and putting together the baby bed.

4. We have been thankful and also busy planning for the Paul Meyers Foundation December fundraiser!  We are partnering with About Town magazine to have a holiday party at Avondale Brewery on December 10th.  Please join us!  More info here.

5. The Over The Moon website is up! 

While many of our products are on back-order from the market, we do have a few that are ready to ship.  My favorite?  This School Days Pennant, of course!
How cute is this fabric chalkboard garland?  Just like chalkboard, it's reusable for any occasion!

The kit comes with three different ribbons-glitter gold, glitter green, and hot pink velvet-as well as assorted chalks and 18  adjustable pennants, enough to spell out pretty much any message!  Most people think this is a great idea for kids (they could virtually make a new message for each day), but I must say, it's pretty fun for adults too...

We heard so many great ideas of how to use this banner from our customers at Market Noel-having children hold it in the holiday card photo, using it to welcome a specific group of people to your restaurant or church, writing romantic messages to your husband on your anniversary (or just any ole day), draping it over the chair your baby is propped in for his or her " X-Months-Old" photos, and TONS more!  Basically, it's just a really fun and functional gift.

I'm using mine in my nursery!  It's a sweet reminder each time I walk by of how our baby will be here so soon!
As you can see from the above instagram photo, the nursery is still in progress!  Follow Over the Moon on Instagram to see how it develops!  And also to get some sneak peeks at our upcoming projects and events!

Happy Thursday!

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