Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabulous Friday 4.19.13

Today is fabulous because I have been reminded once again about how lucky I am.  A wonderful family, a loving husband, a home, a car, a job: I am blessed.  Today is fabulous because I will be heading to Jackson, TN with my husband and sister to participate in yet another memorial fundraiser for my brother, a 5K race. I have been blessed with so many beautiful tributes to Paul.
I have been thinking all week of the Boston community, of the terrors some of those people have seen.  It is heartbreaking. 
I know we have all seen the quote a million times, but it is one of my favorites, and so true.
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And a couple special links:
One of my favorite blogs is the Nie Nie Dialogues. The author Stephanie Nielson writes beautiful, sincere things about her life and family.  Her post on the Boston tragedy here.

If you need an inspirational speaker for an event, take a look at Dwight Owens.  He was charming, funny, kind, and has an amazing story.

To find out more about the Paul Meyers fun run for Haiti, check out their Facebook Page.

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