Friday, April 5, 2013

Fabulous Friday 4.5.13

Finally, Friday is here!  This Friday is fabulous because it kicks off a weekend of events for our first annual Paul Meyers Memorial Golf Tournament!  Tonight, we are having a kick-off party, and tomorrow begins the tournament, silent-auction, and band party!  We are really putting the "fun" in "fundraising"...
I couldn't resist typing that....
My family and I (and several close friends) have had such a wonderful experience planning this event, and we have been astounded by the generosity of others-both individuals and the community at large.  We cannot thank you enough!
Since my sisters and I know literally nothing about golf, we mostly enjoyed planning all the details.  My favorite part?  The artwork of course!  I loved working on the logo, which has been lovingly engraved onto our trophies for our winners.
We really wanted to have these grand, vintage-style trophies, but being a fundraiser and also being our first year, we went for a more humble, but still classic approach.  The little treasures arrived yesterday, and I am in love with them!  And don't think we didn't order a few extra for us to keep for ourselves...because we did. 
But you will have to wait until the tournament to see what we chose!
I hope to one day have a great collection of Paul Meyers Memorial Golf Tournament trophies.

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