Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gold & Pink

It's been a couple of weeks since my last Gold post.  Gold is my favorite color.  But if you're one of those color purist who says "Gold can't be a color!" then to you I say, Pink is my next favorite.  And with the whisper of summer in the air, what could be more carefree and summery than a Gold & Pink interior?
I will take ANY all-white, marble bathroom.  But add some gold fixutres and pink curtains, and it truly is my dream bath!

This has to be my favorite room in like, a million years.  That wall is REALLY pink, and I love it.  And I love that the sofa is also a dark pink.  Both the portrait and the peacock artwork are TDF.  And the furniture is perfect-all that beaufitul lucite adds just the right amount of modern that keeps this room fresh rather than tacky.  The hint of golf in the headboard, sconce, and sofa side table just raise the glam factor.  PS-how you feel about black lampshades?  I kind of like them...
 Eclectic Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designer Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design

Compared to the last room, this one could seem boring at first.  But I have to admit, I love a dusty pink velvet.  And it's just hard to go wrong with a cowhide rug.  Add in those cube tables with the gilded legs and it's glory.  A simple, restful, glamorous sitting room.

I love the arrangement of artwork in this room.  It is offbeat and interesting, and definitely freshens up what could otherwise be just another nude drawing.  Even though there is quite a bit of black going on in this room, I love that they kept the table mirrored and gold.  It just gives you some space to breathe.  Also, the ceiling is fab.

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