Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maxi Mania

Gosh, I love a Maxi dress.  Is it because I have scarily pale legs and occassionally am too lazy to shave?  I'd like to say no, but..............
Mostly, they're just so darn comfortable!  You can bend down, catch a breeze, or sit criss-cross apple-sauce on the floor and have no worries at all.  My only gripe with maxi's is that it is kind of hard to find a good one.  And by a good one I mean, one that's not really low-cut or a cheap, clingy material, or too short for my Gandalf-height self.  Yes, I did just compare myself to Gandalf.
And on that note, here are a few beauties I rounded up!

Leopard Print Forever 21 // Ella Moss Pink Chevron Bottom // Lilly Pulitzer Marley Orange and Pink Striped // Anthroplogie Blue Lace // Tbags Los Angeles Blue and White //

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  1. I'm enjoying the maxi dress too! Especially because my growing belly is getting quite picky about what it decides to fit into these days...


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