Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do you know...

Do you know Tracey Kafka?  Don't worry, I don't either!  I just stumbled upon her work one day, and let me just tell you, it's awesome....
I love the flesh tones of this one, and the way the paint sits on the surface?  Gorge.
If you're into abstracts, like I am, this gal's for you. 
Check out this pink and orange stunner.  Wouldn't these be great in a single girl's place?  Or a beach house?
This one has to be my favorite.  I love, love, LOVE that lavender swipe!  And the varying widths of the paint colors is nice too.  So much texture!
A little homage to Rothko, no?  Just like a beautiful sunset!

Check out more of this amazing artist on Etsy!

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