Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday 3.22.13

Why is this Friday Fabulous??  Because it's my Spring Break!  Will I be doing something glamorous like lying on the beach in an exotic location...........?
No. But I do plan on priming and painting some trim around the house that is a weird color ivory, sewing a roman shade for our second guest bedroom in anticipation of a very special house guest, and taking a large mirror that I pried off our bathroom wall and having it cut down to put on top of a vanity table.  Exciting, no?  Oh, and also, I will probably cook a lot and bake some adorable cookies for our new neighbors.

Don't be jealous, people....

{image here}
I finally found a place where I can gawk at every single Valentino haute couture dress at the same time!  Eeeek!  Show Studio has tons of other designers too, and tons of photography from the runway.
And check out Iced Coffee & Peonies  (two of my  favorite things, for sure!) for a true dose of southern charm and LOTS of monogrammed trinkets!

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