Monday, March 25, 2013

Floral Frocks

Easter is right around the corner, and here in the South finding the right dress can be quite an affair...
I remember growing up how my mother would search for the perfect dress for each of us.  It had to be bright or a pastel...don't even say the words Navy or heaven forbid the "B" word...Black.
With the huge floral trend this year, finding that perfect frock is no problem! 
I am that totally in love with the green botanical with the peplum below, but the strapless rose print is closer to my go-to silhouette. Pair that bad boy with a cardigan with sparkly buttons and you've got yourself a killer Easter outfit!

Yellow Monet with Blue Trim from Modcloth // Pink Pinwheel Dress with criss-cross back from Anthropologie // Floral Botanical with Peplum and Cut-Out Back from H&M // Leondra Dress with Mint Julep Floral with Seer-Sucker Bow from Lilly Pulitzer // Halter Print Chiffon Maxi from Nordstrom // Rose Print Floral Lantern Strapless from TopShop // Mini Floral Double Ruffle Strapless Karmen Dress from Kate Spade

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