Thursday, March 7, 2013

Obsessed: Sur La Table

Ok, there are a couple of signs that let me know I am officially old: 1. Sometimes I shop at Stein Mart, and 2. I really, really, really like kitchen stores.
I just now got around to going to the new Sur La Table at the Summit here in Birmingham, and boy howdy!  Was I in for a treat!  They have THE most awesome stuff in there....!!
I totally would've gotten this precious mother/daughter apron set for my sister and nephew....but he's a boy, so strike that...
I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to laurels.  I love crests, and I use that symbol in my artwork a lot.  So, when I found out that this was actually a handy kitchen gadget, I was really excited.  It's actually really cool-it "raises your roast for faster, healthier cooking"!
And who doesn't love cupcake decorating stuff!!??  They had TONS of cute decorations from Meri Meri and Paper Eskimo.
I have really been wanting a metallic kitchen sponge lately!  It seems like it would add some much-needed glamour to my kitchen sink area.  These would be cute in a basket of kitchen gear for a hostess gift!

And, kitchen towels.  Tons of them.  Every color imaginable.  Another really cute gift idea!

I enjoyed my visit at Sur La Table so much, that I was inspired to create a little easter table!  Everything you see can be found on their website! Enjoy!

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